Cocoa-Ancho Rubbed Steaks with Creamy Parmesan Greens

Ah, Valentine’s Day…that one day where there is such a big fuss to show you’re special person you love them. To go to the grocery store and see grown men aimlessly wandering the candy/flower isles (which is hilarious by the way). Making reservations a month in advance because you know every place will be booked and charging an extra expensive 3 course meal. Not for the Rex’s! Yes we celebrated, but we decided to make a special meal here at home so we can stick to our low carb plan, but feel like we’re doing something special as well.

This year we decided to do cocoa-ancho chili rubbed steaks and creamy Parmesan greens and we toasted our many Valentine’s Day’s together with a lovely glass of red wine. It was both romantic and stress free. Mr. T did surprise me with a beautiful orchid and bath bombs. Such a romantic!

I like to heat the grill up to get the sear marks on the steaks.  You can let them sit for 10-15 seconds to sear the marks, then turn and rotate them to get the cross pattern before letting them sit for 4 minutes. Continue reading Cocoa-Ancho Rubbed Steaks with Creamy Parmesan Greens

Brunchin’ at El Chile

We had the most amazing weather this past weekend! Saturday we didn’t have anything going on so I made us tackle a long list of “Honey Do’s” (much to Mr. T’s chagrin) so he made me promise that on Sunday we would go have brunch on a patio somewhere. Our first choice was packed, so we ended up at El Chile off Manor Rd. We got there right as they opened at 11am and were the first one’s sat so we had prime patio seating.  Continue reading Brunchin’ at El Chile

Los Cabos

Most people start the New Year off with eating healthy, working out more, quitting smoking…The Rex’s decided to take a vacation! We went to Cabo for 10 days this January. It was the first time for both of us and the decision for Cabo was really based on it recently being a milestone birthday for me and I had seen a beautiful ad for it in a travel magazine. Continue reading Los Cabos

Seafood Chowder

Weather in Texas is so strange…our Christmas this year was a high of 78° than a week later it was a high of 34°, a week after that – right back to swimsuit weather. Seriously I wear flip flops all year ‘round! Last week was a tough one, not only did we both have to go out of town for business, but it was drizzly and chilly out. The kind of weather and taxing week that when you come home you just want something comforting. When I asked Mr. T what he wanted he said seafood chowder. I was on a mission to make that happen – and low carb to boot!  Continue reading Seafood Chowder