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Happy Hour @ Sushi Zushi

Mr. T goes on a lot of business lunches – which is sometimes tough when eating low-carb/keto. He has a few ‘usuals’ with some great adaptations which help him stay on track, but sometimes he asks for my help. I typically look up the menu and also reviews and photos to narrow down some delicious options to choose from. This last week he went to Sushi Zushi and while I was helping him research their menu I became hooked. I was craving sushi hard-core and had to go! It was pretty set-in-stone after his lunch and he had rave reviews on how amazing it was. Happy Hour…here we come! Continue reading Happy Hour @ Sushi Zushi

Happy Hour @ Clarks’s Oyster Bar

Mr. T and I just recently celebrated our 18 year wedding anniversary – WooHoo!  We wanted to go somewhere new, but it was a Sunday during Spring Break/South by Southwest festival here in Austin so it’s often a bit chaotic around this time. We decided to do an early dinner at Clark’s Oyster bar – firstly because we LOVE oysters and this place specializes in them, but secondly it was happy hour (3-6 daily) so a slight discount on oysters and bottles of wine were half off. You might argue that it was our anniversary and we should splurge, but I do love a bargain…no matter the occasion! 😉 Continue reading Happy Hour @ Clarks’s Oyster Bar

Brunchin’ at El Chile

We had the most amazing weather this past weekend! Saturday we didn’t have anything going on so I made us tackle a long list of “Honey Do’s” (much to Mr. T’s chagrin) so he made me promise that on Sunday we would go have brunch on a patio somewhere. Our first choice was packed, so we ended up at El Chile off Manor Rd. We got there right as they opened at 11am and were the first one’s sat so we had prime patio seating.  Continue reading Brunchin’ at El Chile

Trudy’s Tex-Mex Brunch

Before we actually moved to Austin, we came here to visit family and friends a lot. It was my favorite city to spend the weekends (thus making the decision to just pack up and move here). A lot of folks love coming here for the unique eats and typical staples: Kerby Lane, Magnolia Cafe, Guero’s, etc. For me, no trip was complete without having a meal at Trudy’s.  Continue reading Trudy’s Tex-Mex Brunch