El Chile Brunch

Brunchin’ at El Chile

We had the most amazing weather this past weekend! Saturday we didn’t have anything going on so I made us tackle a long list of “Honey Do’s” (much to Mr. T’s chagrin) so he made me promise that on Sunday we would go have brunch on a patio somewhere. Our first choice was packed, so we ended up at El Chile off Manor Rd. We got there right as they opened at 11am and were the first one’s sat so we had prime patio seating. 

The building itself was a very cute turquoise colored building with white and bright orange accents. Another bonus…they have a parking lot! That is often a rare find in Austin. The covered patio had hanging succulents along the windows and Mexican blankets at each table in case you get cold (they made a comfortable back rest)!

The drink specials were $4 Big Ass Mimosa’s, $5 Bloody Mary’s and $6 Cantaloupe Margaritas. I had a watermelon mimosa, so refreshing and no joke with the ‘Big Ass’ in the title. Mr. T had a top shelf margarita.  We told them not to bring the chips – since we were hoping to lessen the carb-load, however we had them leave the salsas which were fantastic!

Mr T is not impressed with the margarita.  Next time I would pass on paying $10.  In fact I just drank water the rest of the lunch.

ElChile Brunch Drinks

For brunch we split the Omelette de Rajas con Hongos . It came with black beans and potatoes. We asked the waiter not to bring the potatoes and instead bring a side of guacamole salad.  They kindly split it up for us. The omelette was good! Stuffed full of roasted poblanos and red bells, caramelized onions, some sauteed mushrooms and jack cheese.  In hindsight we probably could have ordered more, but I was plenty full when we left.

ElChile Brunch

Other Notes: There used to be an El Chile much closer to us and we went often for their excellent happy hour. They also have some of the best mole dishes and chile rellenos. YUM – just thinking about it makes me want to go back next week for dinner!

This was a pretty solid dish and I was surprised they split it in the kitchen.  I subbed the rice for an avocado salad, which    was guacamole and pico de gallo.