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Thanks for visiting our blog! We are D. and T. Rex, happily married carnivores and now food bloggers. As much as we believe in everything in moderation sometimes ‘moderation’ can sneak up on you and club you over the head. Then months down the road you’ve found your jeans don’t fit so anything with a stretchy waist (aka Yoga Pants) are all you wear. We find one of the fastest ways to get back on track is to stick to a low carb/keto/paleo way of eating…and who doesn’t like delicious pulled pork or a cheesy cauli-mac! I mean RAWR – it’s making me hungry just thinking about it! Since it’s just the two of us, we are catering most of these recipe’s to be made for 2, which will be easy enough to double if you are cooking for a pack.


D.RexHowdy! I am a web designer, artist and food blogger. Growing up, my folks wanted my sister and I to learn to cook so we each had a night to make dinner (at least it would get you out of dishes)! Once I got married to married Mr. T I told him I didn’t want to cook anymore….so he made me this horrible goulash made from ground meat, tomato sauce, corn and rice for 2 weeks straight! After that I got back in the kitchen and it evolved into a great passion for cooking. I am very creative in the kitchen – and rarely do I follow recipes…much to Mr. T’s chagrin since I never make a meal the same way twice! That’s all changing now so we can help pass along our creative, healthy meals to all of you!


T.RexHello World. If you read D’s post you’ll understand that my mother’s idea of cooking was to let my dad cook. He is Cajun and every meal included rice and bread. Both parents worked nights so I grew up eating frozen meals my dad would cook on Sundays. When we first married I hated seafood. Since then, I have grown to love just about everything as D has inspired my taste buds over the years. Today I enjoy low carb meals and eating the Keto way. Hopefully you can get inspired by her cooking as much as I am.

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