HH @ Clark's Oyster Bar

Happy Hour @ Clarks’s Oyster Bar

Mr. T and I just recently celebrated our 18 year wedding anniversary – WooHoo!  We wanted to go somewhere new, but it was a Sunday during Spring Break/South by Southwest festival here in Austin so it’s often a bit chaotic around this time. We decided to do an early dinner at Clark’s Oyster bar – firstly because we LOVE oysters and this place specializes in them, but secondly it was happy hour (3-6 daily) so a slight discount on oysters and bottles of wine were half off. You might argue that it was our anniversary and we should splurge, but I do love a bargain…no matter the occasion! 😉

The restaurant itself has a bright, beachy yet chic vibe with white tiles and teal-green accents. It is a sister restaurant to Perla’s off South Congress so I already knew the seafood was going to be stellar. Even though it was gorgeous outside we sat inside at a bright cheery table.

We ordered an amazing Chardonnay – half off of course and naturally we went for a half dozen oysters that were chef’s pick. The flavors were so clean and bright – these were inhaled in no time!

These oysters were fresh and bright.  The chef chose wisely and we found it hard to pick our favorite ones.    They paired well with our wine!

We weren’t overly hungry due to also going out for a late brunch earlier that day so we had the Crudo Plate and a combo Shrimp/Crab Louie salad. The crudo plate was amazing! Slices of hamachi, tuna kampachi and walu fish (if I recall correctly) in a beautiful lemon vinaigrette with capers and red onion. The Louie salad could have been done either shrimp or crab…we asked if they could do a combo, which they did. It was good – exactly what I expect from a Louie salad…I do wish we might have indulged in something more unique, but we were trying to stick close to our food plan and also not do too heavy so we achieved what we were going for.
HH @ Clark's Oyster Bar

A repeat trip is totally in order! I think we’re already talking about doing brunch there sometime in the near future.