Brunch at The Scarlet Rabbit

Brunch at the Scarlet Rabbit

This past weekend we needed to drive up to Round Rock for a Jeep thing. The weather was perfect and we had some time to kill and a ravenous appetite!  A quick Yelp search revealed a cute place called The Scarlet Rabbit so we stopped off for brunch. 

First off, the decor was very eclectic and unique…all with an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ vibe. The lights were little cups and saucers and they had vintage keys on the walls or birdcages. I loved the ombre fade they had on the walls (something I will try at home).

Wall Decor

They had a cute drink menu as well – all in keeping with the theme. Below was a Flamingo Press – Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka with their own lime soda water.  Mr. T ordered The Cheshire Cat – sort of a hibiscus version of a mojito.  All of the glasses and china were mismatched which added to the appeal.


For brunch, we ordered the Bacon and Shrimp Bites and the Scotch Egg and split it between us. The shrimp was overcooked…but the pork belly was spectacular!! Mr. T says he just wants a plate of that next time. The coleslaw was good too. The scotch eggs were perhaps the best I’ve ever had…the yolks were that perfect softness and the sausage was delightfully flavored. Mr. T kept his low carb by not eating any of the breakfast potatoes (I tried a couple…but in hindsight we should have just ordered a veggie side dish).

The Scotch Egg and Pork Belly were definitely winners of the show. The mustard was nice and grainy. Although I’m all about the meat, even the little salad on the Shrimp and Pork Belly was fairly decent. Two tiny thumbs up!



The Rex’s will be back to the Scarlet Rabbit if we are ever in the Round Rock area again…perhaps next time for dinner or to sit on their very cute patio outside – I think it is a perfect little date spot!